Are you interested in building your own pharmacy? Below are 2 options you may choose from.

“Cost is what you pay, value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet

1. Basic Layout – We charge a flat rate. This includes the minimum requirements from the Board of Pharmacy and the DEA. Build-out, licensing, insuring, staffing, everything that required for you to operate your pharmacy will be provided, even the PEN! We advise the new owners to find the proper staffing which fits their needs but if not, we can provide licensed staff members.

2. Custom Layout – You are building your dream right? Why not make it fancy? Just keep in mind your overall expenses. We recommend the basic package then slowly build on your empire. It is better to open it cheap and then build on it slowly as you and the business prospers. Price may vary depending on the clients preferences.

NOTE: This is the best option for new owners than it is to buy a pharmacy. The experience you will gain is impeccable with a little hard work.

When you chose which layout you would like to start with, our team will guide you further.

Locations that are ready to be built:

*Coming soon

Contact us if you have a location and would like to do a build there.