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Current Listings: Once a pharmacy is sold and a purchase agreement is signed, we take it off the website. We do not put SOLD next to it.

Canton, Michigan. New build inside a urgent care that has an average patient volume of 40 patients per day. Also, Primary care physician is moving in the same building! Asking price – please inquire via email

Detroit, Michigan. This pharmacy has been operating for 5 years. The building is also owned by the pharmacy. The building is also attached with a doctors clinic that is not operational at the moment. This establishment can be sold as a whole or just the business itself. Asking price – please inquire via email

Upcoming new builds. Lease signed. We suggest new builds because it is a smaller investment for you and a greater return. We only chose the best locations.

Troy, Michigan Inside an Urgent Care with average of 30 patients a day.

Waterford, MichiganInside an Urgent Care with average of 40 patients a day.

Waterford, MichiganNext door to Urgent Care with an average of 30 patients a day.

Pontiac, MichiganInside high traffic grocery store.


Please contact us for additional information on any locations.

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We take great pride in privacy and we will not disclose any names or addresses of any pharmacies until a Non-disclosure is signed by the potential buyer.